Sunday, February 19, 2006

Music Bio

I started playing banjo in 1977. I'm self taught... the old fashion way - I'm a firm supporter now of the listen and learn approach. I've ruined many records by dancing the needle across trying to hit that particular spot on record.

I soon found myself playing in the FFA Stringband in High School. We played all over Georgia and even had the honor of playing at the FFA National Convention in Kansas City.

I have done assorted session work. While living in Athens, Georgia In the late 80's I even played banjo for the "soundtrack" of a FedEx commercial.

I have played and recorded with the Dalton, Georgia based bluegrass group Shady Hollow. I also played and recorded with Country Comfort.

From the beginning I loved teaching others to play the banjo. I've had as many as 50 students a week. On of the greatest opportunities as a banjo teacher came when some of my articles were accepted and used by Banjo Newsletter. I later had the opportunity to teach at the Maryland Banjo Academy.

While in college in the early 80's I took up playing the clawhammer style of banjo playing. I worked from a book I got from Grandpa Jones. I learned the basics and then spent hours trying to figure out Soldier's Joy from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Will The Circle Be Unbroken Album. Years later and many hours of practice I think maybe I finally understand the style. I think all of the effort paid off in 1999 when I won the Old-Time Division at the Georgia State Championship in Hiawassee, Georgia.

I am the 2005 Tennessee Bluegrass Banjo Champion.

I'm currently playing with the Hamilton County Ramblers.

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