Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good Thing My Head is Attached...

So, I have a stupid bike story. Well, not really a bike story. It's bike related, but it's more of a stupid Jim story. There's a moral at the end, and it's not too long, so bear with me.

Since the weather was nice I took off from work today a little early to ride my bike. I came home, got lunch and headed out.

Just out of courtesy to Tina I stopped by the store where she works to let her know I was going for a ride. While I was standing there talking to her I spotted an el cheapo bike lock & chain. I figured it would be fine for when I stop in town and have to leave my bike out of view. It's nothing major, but it would be at least a deterrent if I do happen to leave it somewhere. We're officially a small town USA kinda place, so bike theft isn't really high on the crime list, so it'll do.

Proud of my el cheapo purchase I head out and toss the chain in my handlebar bag. Saddle up, and I'm off.

A little over ten miles later I'm back home.

During the last couple miles of the trip i noticed a clicking noise from the front wheel. I figured it was either a loose spoke, maybe something on the tire. It was no biggie but irritating none the less, but this story isn't about that.

When I get home I decided stop at the drive way and see if I could determine what the clicking noise was. So I toss my glasses in my handlebar bag, take off my helmet... wait... where's my helmet? Hey! I'm missing a helmet here...

I lost my helmet.

How in blue blazes do you lose a helmet????

I don't recall it falling off anywhere. Let's face it, the helmet is strapped to my head.

So looked at the mailbox thinking that maybe I had already took it off and sat it there. Nope... it's not there.


I looked in the yard. Nope, it's not in the yard. I didn't go as far as the yard.

I decided to retrace my steps mentally.

I stopped at a church parking lot. Got a drink. I don't remember taking off a helmet.

I stopped again about a mile from the house to figure out how to navigate a gnarly intersection at 5 o'clock -- and took another drink. There was no reason to take off a helmet there either.


I bet I left it at the store!!!

So I called Tina.

Of course she laughs at me.

"How can you lose a helmet? It's attached to your head," she chirps.

"Yeah yeah.. leave me alone." I mutter.

"Just go see if anyone turned in a helmet."

"Yes, there's the helmet - lucky you," she reports.

You know, as I write this I remember exactly where I left it. I left it at the U-Scan when I paid for the chain.

The stupid chain!

So the moral of the story that I promised: Just leave the helmet on. No matter if you're at a wedding, or having supper with the family - just wear it. That way you'll be safe, and won't have to replace it.

I amaze me.