Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I don't like to ask...

...but sometimes my heart gets me into things that my head (and wallet) can't figure out easily.

This is, however, something I really believe in.

So here's the pitch...

Over the past two years I've been working on a school presentation related to the history of the 5-string banjo.

It's a fun program and it's suitable for a social studies curriculum as well as a music curriculum. It's a flexible format, but at the max it could be about 1.5 hours. Now, I realize that time doesn't fit a lot of classroom schedules and so the material can be condensed to suit a teacher's needs.

So, why am I asking for help?

I'm a musician on a mission. I've not charged for any of my presentations, and I hope to keep the cost of doing this at a minimum - for the schools and for myself. I try to avoid too many cliches, but this is a labor of love.

Those of you that know me know I'm pretty well set for banjos - though I can already see I need to expand my collection by at least 2 instruments to cover more history visually. However, as important as that is, first I need a small PA that is easy to setup and transport.

I have a wonderful friend that will allow me to purchase the PA at a very generous discount. (You know who you are.) Never the less it's not cheap, and once I tell my friend I want it, well, I'm compelled to keep my end of the deal.

The good news: school is out! That means I'll have time to scrape up the cash before school starts back. Hopefully, I'll have paid for the system by then!

Oh, if you're wondering what I have in mind, it's the Fishman SoloAmp SA220. It packs into one bag, and will do everything I need it to for most classrooms and libraries. The retail price is over $1500, and I'm thrilled that I have means of getting it at a good discount. I'm only trying to cover a portion of the cost.

I realize times are hard and finances are tight for everyone. My situation probably isn't much different than yours. However, even without anyone chipping in it's something I'll have to purchase if I plan to continue doing these presentations - and I have no intention of giving up on this.

Finally, thanks for taking time to read my plea for help. Anything that you can chip in is going to help get the banjo's marvelous history presented in a fun and positive way to school children. How can that be not a worthwhile cause?

If you can afford it, and would like to see this sort of program feel free to use the widget below.