Monday, February 20, 2006

My Collection of Banjos

Over the years I've started a small instrument collection. The crazy part is I attempt to play most of these from time to time. I have very few (well none really) museum pieces. All are tools and all are fun to play!

All My Banjos - More than I can play in a day.

Ramsey Woody - An amazing Banjo - Very Loud - A blast to play!

Price Knight - Beautiful Wood, Beautiful Tone!

Stelling Gospel - My prize. #777, formerly Ralph Stanley's. See it in Master's of The Five String

Nechville Phantom - Fantastic Tone - Great Looks

Ramsey Minstrel - Big mellow sound - I Love it!

George C. Dobson Victor - A-Scale and a treat to play.

Unknown Mini/Piccolo Banjo - Wow, it's tiny!

I hope you enjoyed looking at all the banjos!


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